Laser Scanning of the Sun Dagger site on Fajada Butte, May 11, 2005
  Photos by Alan Price

Fajada Butte looking from the north. The team will climb the butte on the southwest side, just behind the shadowed side in this picture

The guide team prep the "toters", with catepillar tracks for hauling our gear to the base of the butte.

Roger Moore is one of our guides with the National Park Service. Behind him is the chimney we will harness up to climb.

A view from the top of the butte, the ground underfoot in the immediate forground. The 'base camp' and where we parked and had to haul equipment from are marked.

I arrived at the top ahead of the team, to get pictures and to document the solar event behind the slabs just before noon.

Another view of the three stone slabs. The rightmost slab is approximately nine feet high.

A view from behind the slabs. The spiral carving in the cliff wall is visible to the right.

The event at 11:47AM, 5/11/2005

A few more trips on the steep trail back to the chimney, and we have hauled over 650 lbs of gear to the site.

The Cyrax scanner set up in its first position.

Jim Holmund (Western Mapping) and Susan Yewell (Solstice Project) take in the view. They sit near the cap Bill Stone (National Geodetic Survey) set into the stone, after two days of calibrating GPS systems for several miles around to get us an accurate fix for the geodetic position and orientation of the site.

Reflective markers are placed around the area so the multiple scans have references for merging together.

The scanning process begins. Two of the team stay on top of the butte overnight, needing the darkness for the Minolta scanner.

A preliminary view of the scan. The final model will be approx. 30 million points, with a reduced model at approx. 3 million points.



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