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2012 Solstice Greetings and Chaco News

 Dear Friends of the Solstice Project,

At this winter solstice it is time again to share with you the latest findings and insights of our Chaco work.

Inside the attached letter you'll find details on the role of complex geometries in the Chacoans’ solar and lunar aligned buildings, new material on relationships between Chaco and Mesoamerica, our close collegial work with a Mayan scholar, and the status of our two new films.

Perhaps most important is that through the integrating of each stage of our findings, we are approaching an understanding of the unifying concepts of the Chacoans’ cosmology and seeing in even brighter lights their outstanding achievements in geometry, astronomy and geography.

You'll also find the full story of our success as part of Friends of Chaco in grinding to a halt the paving of the modern Chaco road, mentioned in our 2011 letter as a distinct threat to the canyon.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank you again for your continued support of the Solstice Project and its research of the Chaco civilization. As the attached letter reflects, we have come a long way in a year's time; your efforts are the reason for our exciting progress.

Your tax-deductible donations are as always greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Anna Sofaer

President, Solstice Project


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